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Private Coaching Services are available for the following:

Career Coaching

• Creating a vision for possible careers to pursue

• Developing an informational interviewing strategy to learn more and assess fit

• Creating your personal and professional brand, in person and online

• Developing your forward career plan

Leadership Coaching

• Developing what makes you indispensable to your clients and your organization

• Developing your teaming and leadership strategy

• Managing difficult decisions and conversations strategy

• Embracing and cultivating diversity at work and on your team

• Other leadership issues or challenges you would like support on

Life Coaching

• Identifying your purpose and mission in life

• Clarifying what makes you unique and irreplaceable

• Understanding the gap between where you are today and where you would like to be

Business Coaching

• Creating a vision for your business

• Creating your product/service offering and evaluating your uniqueness

• Market-testing your business and product/service vision

• Developing your business strategy